What is Ringy Dingy?

Ringy Dingy is a prop rental company started in 1997 by Jim Lambie and Rick Gilbert

dealing exclusively in telephones. Our clients range from film, television and commercial production

to still photography and corporate events. Basically anyone who needs a phone.

We were the first prop rental company in Toronto to have a web presence. The success

of Ringy Dingy has to do with the fact that everything that used to take hours and cost a fortune

can now be ordered from your desk in minutes. We also have done all the research for you.


Where are you located?

Ringy Dingy is located at 145 Eastern Avenue in Toronto, although this is

our warehouse only. Every phone we have in stock is pictured on the website. Just choose a category,

click on the thumbnail and a printer friendly page appears complete with quantities, dates

and other pertinent info.


How much do you charge?

Our pricing structure varies with such things as your budget, quantity, shipping and length of rental.

Let us know what you can do and we will work it out. No reasonable offer is refused.

We will also match or beat our competitors in both product and price.


How do I get the phones from Ringy Dingy?

We can either arrange a pickup/ return on the ORANGE CART at MOJO PROPS +SET DRESSING or we can

deliver to your office or set. Whatever is convenient for you.


Do you ship?

Yes, but only in Canada.


What can I expect from a rental from Ringy Dingy?

You can expect a reliable and courteous transaction every time. Phones individually packaged

in clear bags and in excellent shape complete with all cords and buttons. Punctual delivery

and/ or pickup and research if you require it. We want to make this aspect of your day easy.


Say I don't see something I need on the Ringy Dingy website?

If we don't have it we will try and find it for you.


Say I need something the same day or on a weekend?

No problem. Just give us a call.


Why phones?

Because they used to be a pain to put together and basically every set needs them.


Need a phone? Just give us a call!


email [at] ringydingy [dot] ca


Last updated on September 17, 2017