Ringdingy.ca is the original curbside pickup!

• To ensure the safety of all our clientele, we will continue to operate our prop rental in a virtual, no contact way.

• In addition to this, we are also now available for Facetime or video 'show and tells', and product preview.

• Because we are not open to the public, all of our rental stock is handled by a limited number of people.

• Phones always come stored in clear plastic bags ensuring further protection in the handling process.

• Upon return, all rentals will go into a mandatory 48 hour quarantine, after which they will be fully sanitized and re-stored in plastic.

• For additional safety Nothing will be re-rented within this 48 hour period.



• Depending on the order size, we now offer a curbside DELIVERY/ PICKUP OPTION either to your studio or location!

• We continue to encourage the mailing of cheques, and we are officially going cashless with Interac eTRANSFERS.


We want to give you peace of mind knowing that safety protocols are in place.

Need a phone? Give us a call!


Thanks everyone!

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